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Visualizing and Achieving a Debt Free Life

I believe that consumer debt has become so commonplace in our society that we often approach it with a casual acceptance that belies its potentially harmful effects.

The process of eliminating your debt begins with accepting the idea that lifelong debt is not a given. Visualize yourself being completely debt-free and imagine the freedom and empowerment you’d feel without any debt whatsoever. With this as your ultimate goal, you can begin your journey to being completely debt free.

A conversation with a financial advisor can help identify the most impactful strategy to reduce or eliminate your debt based on your entire financial picture. To discuss a long-term investment strategy that can work for you contact Hall Financial Advisors. Chris Hall, Managing Principal, has earned Financial Times, FT Top 400 Advisors in the US 1 (2019 & 2017).

Download Visualizing and Achieving a Debt Free Life by Zane Eschbaugh, Financial Advisor

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