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Letter to Clients – March 31, 2020

As circumstances continue to change and evolve, this situation presents us with an opportunity to reflect on many things, including what we may have been taking for granted.   Spending time with the ones who matter most in our lives reminds us to keep perspective.  We encourage you to be safe and make wise choices to help play a role in the solution to containment with social distancing.  

Last Friday, approximately $2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act was signed into law that will provide additional resources for consumers, small businesses, and communities. In this time of need, it’s crucial that the private and public sectors work together to address the social and economic impacts of this pandemic.  Your team at Hall Financial Advisors will be providing you updates in the near future about the CARES Act and encourage you to talk with your professional team:  your accountant/CPA, your financial advisory team at Hall Financial Advisors and your banker.  In the short-term, the goal of the CARES Act is to prevent widespread economic disruption. We are picturing this as a bridge to get Americans through the intentional economic stoppage as social distancing appears to be one of the best ways to fight the spread of the Coronavirus. 

Your team at Hall Financial Advisors wants to point out to you what we think could be another issue the public will face during this pandemic.  Please be aware of Coronavirus scams in call, texts, e-mails or social media posts.  Hackers are trying to lure victims to click on COVID-19 related hyperlinks that contain malicious software. Some scams attempt to look like official messages from the government and link to fake websites to steal usernames and passwords.  For official information please go directly to trusted government sources, such as  Be sure to vet charities and online sellers closely, as fakes are popping up and stealing money.  Also, look out for scams when it comes to the government sending checks.  The government will not ask you to pay anything upfront to get this money.  The government won’t call you and ask for your social security number and bank account numbers, or your credit card information.  You can report scammers at  These fraudsters have clever tactics and will fool many people.

We are fully functioning and open for business at Hall Financial Advisors, we elaborated in an email a few weeks ago about our strategy to social distance our team and utilize employees working from home.  We are pleased to let you continue to operate at a high level for you and your friends.  If you or your friends have investment needs, we are happy to help.  During these challenging times, we continue to deliver our steadfast commitment that you have become accustom to over the years.  We thank you for the opportunity to serve you and fully embrace the responsibility.

If there is anything, beyond our financial advisory capability, my team and I can be doing for you, your family or your neighbor please reach out.  We are in this together and stand ready to assist you however you see fit.  We will continue to keep you all in our thoughts and prayers.


Chris Hall, Managing Principal and your team at Hall Financial Advisors

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