Finding The Right Charities

Guiding Your Charitable Journey: Insights for Informed and Impactful Giving

Published: Dec 15, 2023

In this video, Senior Financial Advisor Rob Beardmore from Hall Financial Advisors shares valuable insights on charitable giving during the holiday season. He emphasizes the importance of aligning with a charity's mission, assessing its financial health, and considering the impact of your donation.

Here's what Rob had to say:

"As we embrace on the holiday season, I always get clients asking me what to look for in a quality charity. So I decided to put together a couple of quick bullet points to have in your back pocket as you look for your giving this year and what truly makes up a quality charity."

What Charity Should I Donate to During the Holiday Season?

  1. Research Charity's Mission - Look for their goals, values and beliefs. Do they align with your family's goals, values and beliefs? In reality, you don't want to donate to a charity that doesn't align with where you think your money should be best spent.
  2. Assess the Charity's Financial Health - Sometimes this is tough to do with Hall Financial Advisor's local charities. However, you should still ask questions like "What are your expenses?" or "What's your revenue?" The money, product, or project needs to be getting into the hands of people who truly need; not just going to fund the people working the charity.
  3. Consider the Impact of Your Donation - What do you want the impact of your donation to be? Is this a global impact you're trying to accomplish? Is it a United States impact or do you want to keep it more local? A lot of charities specialize in certain regions. So depending on where you're trying to focus, truly dive into geographically where you want your money to be best spent. And then also ask yourself if you want this donation to be for a product or project. Oftentimes we typically think of a product, but there are also a lot of projects that charities are doing and building that might align with your goals, values and beliefs.
  4. Evaluate Potential Tax Benefits - There are some tax benefits in charitable giving. Work with your Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and see if maybe giving a charitable donation this year makes sense.

Hall Financial Advisors wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We look forward to working with you in 2024.

For more information on charitable giving advice, please call us at 866-865-4442.

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